The Government Database Offers listed below, are a selection of some of the information that we have available.

All the data records have been fully researched and validated, and the contacts have all expressed interest into receiving relevant information and marketing promotions.

The government database is supplied with Name, Job Role, Seniority, Organisation, Address + Telephone + Email

We provide the information with FREE database updates, and including verified and direct email addresses as standard.

Government Computing - 1,841 recipients
Technical Directors and Heads of Computing + Security, Network Management, Database & Telecoms - Local / Central Government.
£575 - Multi Use over 12 months 

Government Training - 1,215 recipients
Corporate / Departmental Training Managers - Covering Local Authorities, Children's and Adult Services + Central Government.
£375 - Multi Use over 12 months

Government Procurement - 2,566 recipients
Central Purchasing + Department Procurement - Local Authorities, Police and Fire Authority + Central Government and Criminal Justice.
£745 - Multi Use over 12 months

Local Government Finance - 1,699 recipients
Finance Directors / Managers + Accounting, Payroll, Pensions and Revenues - Covering Local Authorities + Police & Fire Authorities.
£495 - Multi Use over 12 months

Local Government Marketing - 1,170 recipients
Public Relations and Marketing including Contact Centre & Health Promotion - Local Authorities, Recreation, Police and Fire Authorities.
£350 - Multi Use over 12 months

Local Government Personnel - 1,315 recipients
Human Resources and Personnel Managers responsible for HR and Equality Law issues - Covering Local Authorities and Social Services.
£375 - Multi Use over 12 months


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