Parish Councils Database

Getting in touch with Parish Councils is straight forward, with our database of Parish Councils, Town Councils and Community Councils.

We have 13K+ council officials on file, including 8K+ emails, of Chairman and Chief Officers.

Below is an overview of the database coverage.


Community Council (Scot) - 1,797 inc. 718 emails
Community Council (Wales) - 639 inc. 352 emails
Parish Council (England) - 9,290 inc. 5,960 emails
Parish Meeting (England) - 1,241 inc. 250 emails
Town Council (England) - 796 inc. 656 emails
Town Council (Wales) - 124 inc. 101 emails

Download a Parish Council Overview, with counts on job role, organisation type and region.

Download our Parish Council Samples, showing the format and layout of the database.

If you're looking for a responsive Parish Council database, we have full coverage for targeted direct marketing campaigns.

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