Local Government Database

Our Local Government Database is the perfect tool, to assist you in carrying out a targeted local government marketing campaign.

With over 45K+ UK Local Government decision makers on file, including 40K+ named emails, our Local Government database can be easily sorted by Organisation, Job Role, Seniority and Region.

The database covers Local Authorities, Police and Fire Authorities, Leisure Trusts and a number of other Local Government organisations.

Job Role selections include: Chief Exec's, Finance Directors, Procurement Managers, Personnel, Computing, Marketing, Facilities and Training.

Below are examples of the database selections.


Chief Executive - 1,095 inc. 859 emails
Councillor - 20,037 inc. 19,519 emails
Administration - 5,658 inc. 4,928 emails
Board / Committee - 1,406 inc. 1,259 emails
Adult Services - 1,631 inc. 1,443 emails
Children's Services - 2,231 inc. 1,965 emails
Marketing / PR - 1,347 inc. 1,193 emails
Financial Services - 2,685 inc. 2,361 emails
Public Health - 2,156 inc. 1,961 emails
IT / Computing - 2,436 inc. 2,163 emails
Property / Facilities - 2,751 inc. 2,460 emails
Legal Department - 936 inc. 836 emails
Procurement - 1,439 inc. 1,278 emails
Training / Development - 1,026 inc. 899 emails
Personnel / HR  - 1,481 inc. 1,316 emails

The database is sorted into Local Government Officers who are directors / managers, and also Councillors who are elected politicians.

We also provide named contact details of Cabinet Leaders & Executive Committee members.

Download a Local Government Overview, with detailed counts on the organisations, regions and job roles that we cover.

Download our Local Government Samples, showing the format and layout of the database.

We compile targeted local government databases, for responsive direct marketing campaigns.

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