Central Government Database

Our Central Government Database is ideal for targeted marketing campaigns aimed at CEO's, Directors and Management.

We have over 8.5K+ Central Government contacts on file, including 4.5K+ direct emails, covering a wide variety of job roles and departments.

Our database covers the following organisations: Home Office, Chambers of Commerce, Courts, CPS, FCO, MOJ, Probation and Prisons.

And the database also covers Central Government departments, including: Work and Pensions, Education, Culture, Transport and Environment.

Below are examples of the database selections.


Chairman - 651 inc. 34 emails
Chief Officer 
- 1,496 inc. 420 emails
Administration - 3,791 inc. 2,105 emails
Marketing / PR - 712 inc. 464 emails
Finance Department 
- 1,061 inc. 521 emails
IT / Computing - 928 inc. 541 emails
Property / Facilities 
- 483 inc. 286 emails
Legal Department 
- 538 inc. 281 emails
- 286 inc. 162 emails
Training / Development 
- 541 inc. 296 emails
Personnel / HR 
- 660 inc. 335 emails

Download a Central Government Overview, with counts by type, job role, region and employee's.

Download our Central Government Samples, showing the format and layout of the database.

Covering Central Government in England, and also Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland.

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